Dear seafarers, for registration of a package of documents on the SID and Seaman's Book the following documents are necessary:


1. Civil passport (with registration in the Russian Federation) or a Residence permit for foreigners.

2. Travel passport

3. Qualification document (working diploma / certificate of qualification / SOLAS - initial training of security)

4. Existing international Medical examination (at the time of submission of documents, or at the time of receiving the SID)

5. The employment record book or its certified copy, if there are records in it for the last 5 years (a sailor must be dismissed from state institutions, it can stay leave the commercial structures).

6. Military ID (if you have been in the army for the last 5 years)

7. 2 photos (3.5 x 4.5 cm, color, matte paper, no corner, light-colored clothing (white shirt, tie), light background)

Seaman's Book

1. Civil passport

2. Travel passport

3. SID

4. Medical examination

5. 2 photos (3 * 4 cm, colored, matte paper, no corner, no jacket, light-colored clothing (white shirt, tie), light background) 

If you have any questions, please contact us at +7 (4012) 32 88 79!

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