Registration of visas:

Our company provides services in the preparation of documents for a wide range of visas for seafarers (USA, Schengen, China, Australia, India, Philippines, etc.)

The cost of services in the preparation of documents for visas, consular fees and additional costs, as well as the necessary list of documents is determined by the conditions and tariffs in each case according to the specifics of the procedures.

Professional assistance in obtaining visas will save your time and effort!

For information about the cost, time and documents for obtaining a visa please contact the office in person or contact us by phone +7 (4012) 32 88 80.


Applying the company for a Schengen visa, it is enough to select the desired dates and bring the documents. The rest will be done by professional specialists of our company.

To obtain a visa the following documents are required:

1. Travel Passport

3. Civil passport

4. Seaman’s ID and seaman’s book

Attention! The validity of your passport and SID affects the validity of your Schengen visa! Please pay attention to the expiry date of your documents.

Our company also provides services to extend your SID!


Assistance Kaliningrad ltd has many years of experience in obtaining US visas

(type C1 / D, B1 / B2, B1 / OCS, etc.)

For your convenience, we offer paperwork to apply for a US visa in Russia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and Belarus, as well as preparing a package of documents for submission to Pony Express!

The term of a US visa from the 1st week!

For more detailed consultation on terms and cost, as well as necessary documents, please contact our manager by phone +7 (4012) 328880.

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